Brides how to have the perfect legs

Brides always before marriage, through beauty, body, continued to build its own, allow yourself to shine on your wedding day, to have a nice pair of legs is more exciting, every beautiful girl wants to have it, let alone a bride? 591 teaches you how to create the perfect legs.

1, strong calf muscles, lift your heels

minus the excess fat on the legs, all you need to do is lift your heel, stand with your toes for a few seconds, and then restore the original position. During the day, you can repeat this action, because it can be done anywhere. Very convenient, right?

This will make your legs more flexibility at the same time, shaping the perfect leg-leg type. Once you get used to this, you can try to do the same exercise with weights in both hands. This may be challenging, but it proved to be very valuable.

2, strong Achilles tendon muscles, legs

If you want to try to force your hamstring muscles, legs together, in the face of an object with waist high stands. Seize the objects for support, bend your left knee, and try to touch your buttocks with your left foot.

keep this for a few seconds, and then return to the initial position. As long as they can adhere to, not far from the beautiful legs!

3, firmer thighs, doing leg stretching exercise

If your thigh muscles, so is very effective is leg stretching exercises. In this exercise, you need to do is lying flat on the floor or on a yoga mat and straighten your legs.

after this, tighten your butt muscles and try to lift your leg. Try to maintain this position as a long time. Repeat three times a day, you will see good results.

4, must not forget the squat

of course, you can't forget to do squats. This is too easy, almost everyone can do it. However, to make sure you don't go too fast, because it will make it less effective.

keep in mind that this action for shaping the hip line is also very effective!

5, fun, jump in bed

If there is no aerobic exercise to build your leg line, how about try the trampoline? it's going to be a very high investment returns.

If you don't want to go to the gym, use the trampoline, looking back to childhood joys. Not only will it give you the best results, also when you don't have time to be very convenient and effective.

6, climbing

of your life, the city has a small mountain? then take a stroll on the Hill go. If your Hill is a bit far from where you live, then try to at least 15 degree tilt the treadmill.

there is a treadmill, you don't have to search the hills, and it can also help you create the perfect leg.

7, try to squat against the wall

squat against the wall is the perfect way to shape the legs curve. Find a hard wall, scoot around it, two feet from the wall 45 cm, feet apart 45 cm, and then doing squats. Do as much as well.

If you want to let your inner thighs get more exercise, that will widen the distance. If you want the lateral thigh to get exercise, reduce the distance between your legs.

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