Bride trying on wedding dresses to the attention of 10 points

Bride before the marriage must have been longing so many times they wear the wedding dress of the wonderful moment, but exactly how to choose a wedding dress, which is suitable for their own wedding is their problem, 591 lists the following 10 tips on how to choose a wedding dress to help you solve this problem!

1. Select styles for wedding: whether your wedding is formal, casual, or is in between, make sure that your wedding is commensurate with it.

2. Making your dress files: subscribe to a year of fashion magazines or go to the bride Web site, collect your favorite wedding images finishing volume to your look, so he will soon clear up the preferences.

3. Choosing the right wedding dress shop: first make a reasonable plan to determine what grade you're in wedding dress shop to buy, so you won't waste a lot of time on you don't want to buy a wedding dress.

4. Try different styles: this is probably the first time you wear the fancy dress, you need to try on different styles as much as possible, so that you will know which style is best for you.

5. Dress up yourself to try a wedding dress: wear comfortable loose clothing and underwear and put on a pair of high heels, this is very handy when trying on dresses.

6. Not many people go to buy: as long as the streets with you can find one or two good friends, because if a lot of people to go with you, then we disagree, you will be confused.

7. Value for money: natural fabrics, such as silk can be very expensive, but it can make your skin breathe freely, makes you feel very comfortable.

8. Save: If you choose high quality wedding dress, then select minimalism style, be modified by wearing jewelry, so you can save money.

    9. Don't hit weight loss idea: customized to your current figure to the best wedding dresses, if weight did drop, allows designers to modify and will fit perfectly.

10. Try on a wedding dress: worn above all accessories such as organza, necklace and shoes, see compatibility with your wedding dress? Try to sit down, raising his arms, bent over, hugs, and rotate, look at these positions, there will be situations that make you ugly? So you can make your wedding elegant and comfortable.

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