Ready to get married but have serious Crow's feet, what should I do?

Married to the wedding day, the bride is the most beautiful person, but out to Nice, make a beautiful bride until the wedding day, but when we find that serious Crow's feet do? To see people on the face of it. So be sure to have a good maintenance ...


  effective methods to improve wrinkles:

a month before the wedding: soft Remover: every night before when using eye makeup remover cleansing cotton, do not pull on the skin around the eyes: If the make-up should be cotton pads dipped in eye makeup remover put on the eyes enough for a while, give full play to dissolve makeup remover cosmetic effectiveness, then gently wipe down. Hard to clean areas such as corners or Eyelash root, you can use cotton swabs to clean, convenient and safe.


massage: sudden onset of eye wrinkles are pseudo-wrinkles are caused due to lack of moisture in the skin, in General by using the eye mask, eye increased moisture and nutrients, while the correct massage can play a role. Massage techniques are as follows:

first, put the right amount of massage cream at your fingertips, and then around the eyes in a clockwise circle massage, wash with warm water after 5 minutes, add the eye tightening gel. Then, pointing in some eye cream, starting from the eyebrows outward light pressure along the upper and lower eyelids, 4-6 times in a row. Caution UV: avoiding UV damage, be sure to rub the eyes in the eye before going out special sunscreen. In addition, sunglasses, Sun hats are also indispensable.


wedding day emergency measures: If this is genetic or caused by the skin is too thin Crow's feet, have to use makeup to remedy. Choose the concealer that close to your skin tone, color is slightly darker than your skin tone and make-up applied to the eye.

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