Five different bridal styling, highlighting the different customs

Five different bridal styling, highlighting the different customs

in the styling of the bride came up classification, Bridal styling can be divided into five categories. They performed five different style characteristics. 591 marriage with the following information to introduce you to which five amorous bride.

splendid flowers flying fairy  

chest with stereo on your waist line is the most important feature of the whole wedding flower decoration, suitable for slim brides. white flower blooms in the white mass of the most precious qualities, with a shoulder-length hair with beaded decoration between the wrist, leaving overall shape takes on a dream-like romance, so people have to love.

the unique qualities of the fresh  

design for tall brides wear a waist, neck chest, sexy yet demure bride small dew, shiny materials to create a very modern effects, waist floral elegant temperament. Long hairstyles with long earrings with the increased sense, overall feel very luxurious.

Basic wedding dress design, suitable for most brides, carefully sewn beads on a white, shone the most moving light, thin shoulder straps and Yamagata chest design of elongated face role. When the fitting narrow win to trim swing dress, meet gentle long veil with a sense of fantasy, double combination fashion taste makes the heart to try again.

Yong and luxurious aristocratic style  

sexy low cut style, express a rounded shoulder, matching studded with flowers and leaf embroidery on delicate dress, to create a bride extraordinary temperament. Long skirt make a longer effect, revealing the thick medieval style. Around braids of roses symbolize love, showing the trade surplus hair gentle temperament.

pure pure fairy tale Princess  

high waist, light pendulum, bring out the bride's figure is suitable for the little Bride dresses. Skirt cascading designs, so that the whole dress is more textured. Dotted among the decoration on the waist, neck, concert with Shaggy hair on the head and gloves, like in a fairy tale Princess, slowly get out of.

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