Bride dress up makeup more to four factors

Bride dress up makeup more to four factors

in the makeup, there are four of the most important factors, only these four factors to get the perfect makeup to show it. Only know a makeup woman, can the bride charm. What four factors? Listen to 591 introduction to wedding information:

1, the right to follow some basic principles of makeup, each stroke or even if you are well, every color paint is fine, but could not take off or vulgar sense of color or an eyesore. For example: when thrush, you know eyebrows right height, angle, painted at the beginning of the basic principles, usually starting position and the inner corner of the eyebrows should be consistent, "San Ting Wu yan" said "five eyes", that is, between the two eyebrows can bring the eye down.

2, accurately: the right focus on mastering cosmetic theoretical principles, ready to emphasize your makeup skills, write to skilled, to be able to accurately make up theoretical principles in individual get accurate performance. For example: lip well must not be simply from the size and thickness and shape of evaluation, you must also learn how to fit your face shape and temperament, and know you are going to attend the occasions and designed.

3, fine: because of the problems caused by lack of aesthetic influence since childhood. Chinese women are generally not the cultivation of fine ideas and habits, but also not every day and every moment the image of unrelenting awareness of modified with more rough trace of floating edge is not clear like lipstick, Foundation and it's not decoration, and so on.

4, harmony: face makeup in various parts of both style and color harmony. Such as eyebrow if soft, lips should be soft and eye shadows are cool, lipstick should also be as cool colors. Facial is a facial features are more concentrated, Visual response is a strong visual focus, conflict and disharmony on the makeup woman's taste watered down. Here environment means for you to express personality, you are to attend the occasion, what is your age, occupation and social status. You should make good use of cosmetic means in expressing and strengthening.

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