Teaches the bride some whitening tips do whitening as snow bride

Bronzed and healthy skin, shining under the Sun in the summer and moving, is a very attractive. But when it comes to winter, they're not feeling. Baptism after Sun skin, how to restore white as snow? With whitening tips given 591 news!

1, choose whitening skin care products, sooner or later, ensure prompt replies white.

2, discuss with your beautician, depending on your skin condition, recommended a number of excellent effects, high performance professional whitening skin care products, strengthen and accelerate the whitening.

3, weekly 1-2, beautician according to your situation, please use a Whitening mask, quick repair of UV damage to skin, fade and to prevent spots and give tension and moisturize the skin, of course, the most important thing is to be able to respond to skin white.

4, the winter sun is not less, more terrible than the summer sunshine in winter, so don't think it cool, no sunscreen! Though not an umbrella with CAP, but can be Foundation using sunscreen will protect skin from UV damage and secondary tanning.

5, diet also helps whiten, eat more vitamin c fruits such as Kiwi, lemon and so on, makes you more and more white.

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