Professional makeup artist to show your Bridal makeup

Makeup artist to find, help yourself to the beauty shop to find a makeup artist for your Bridal makeup. However, the bride will feel better if he would! Can save a sum of money. My friends Yes! You want to dress up your own? Following these makeup tips to learn by heart.

on 1.  after the Foundation is finished, before the powder, use the powder stick. This will make your makeup on, and red cheeks are white.

2.  before the lipstick and lip liner in the entire lip with a layer, so that lipstick is more durable. And once the lipstick fade, it will also fade evenly, without the lip edge left a mark.

3.  Central lip with a layer of lip gloss, make the lips appear fuller.

4.  in upper cheekbones with a layer of light emitting products, enhanced facial glow.

5.  use waterproof mascara and avoid mascara applied to the roots of the eyelashes, or only a little bit.

6.  remember powder and makeup later. Because it can help you cover up blemishes.

7.  avoid using black or darker colored eyeliner because it will make your eyes appear smaller than usual. Advise you to choose an ash tray or apricot-color eyeliner, they your eye color is more gentle, and make the eyes more beautiful and moving.

8.  is best to use light and luminous eye shadow, this is to avoid the eyes look smaller.

9.  bride blush on the cheek is the most moving, rosy cheek color will bring you better results.

10.  don't do beauty before the wedding, let your facial skin in 5 days off before a big occasion.

11.  luminous in the shoulder to sprinkle some amount of cosmetics, this can lead to unexpected results.

12.  eye glue a few false eyelashes at the edge of the box, this will make the eye far larger, more bright. However, don't forget to use a waterproof adhesive!

13.  If you have oily skin, do not apply any moisturizing cream before the end of the powder.

when choosing a makeup 14. , preferably using classic makeup, instead of following suit, because the trend after the model is old in the photo.

15.  keep the good mood, with the best popping up at the wedding, you are you, not to learn to do for others. Remember, he chose you.

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