Offsite location wedding dresses let you get a choice of two harvest

Travel wedding location you go to it. Many of this year's new "print" your offsite wedding pictures, and become a tourist destination wedding location now also have been "warming up".

now a to wedding is can so attract people which is key of part is because price of problem, has one just took had offsite wedding of users p said, actually photo nothing more than to field please Studio to took, and tourism just a trip Leisure holiday self tourism trip, if we put both combined in has with, that is equal to is wedding took has honeymoon also had has both and have Ah, and does field most wedding photography of price to than Beijing cheap many.


     Studio prices are most expensive in Beijing. More travel agency in charge of investigation by a reporter, said that he did not open an offsite wedding tourism business. Reporters visited more wedding photo studio and found a lot of studios have launched a long distance wedding tour business. According to the experience of users guide, went to a Photography Studio, find great service, but expensive, and many are more than 20,000 yuan, the couple paid a fee can take shop staff to the field. Lijiang, Yunnan, Shanghai, Qingdao, Sanya, Zhouzhuang is offsite wedding tour of the city's hot destinations. Netizens p says, now mainly chose to shoot in the field in different places mainly wedding photography price, Photo Studio in the field many of the prices are mostly lower than in Beijing, also got the honeymoon.

   wedding photos are now pushed into a new, a great impact on traditional photography. Industry insiders say, offsite wedding boom has carved up the wedding photography industry, Beijing is a massive market, mostly young people, pursuit of novelty wedding photo mode, traditional wedding photography has been no small shock. "If the wedding photo Studio does not break on the business, in the face of fierce competition, can survive will become a problem. "A wedding photo studio boss told reporters.

    right now to give you a new featured offsite wedding location.

Qingdao--the new best places people choose short honeymoon pics. Come to this red tiling, green trees, blue sea, blue sky and surrounded by the city

inhale the scent of the sea, looking at the sea of people on the rock game, not far from the famous bridge swaying on the crowd, the heart has been flying up.

    welcome with morning of first wisp of Sun, light with feet of good beauty makeup of bride and wearing and gentleman suit of groom, hand led hand in no of beach Shang left a row row footprints, from this a life road, you accompanied by through; try try seawater of temperature, wave after wave of of spray playing in feet Shang, two a people with with bright of Sun walk Yu soft of beach Shang, gentle of sea breeze blow Yang up sent shoots; a seat seat style different of small floor, symbol love of Indus tree, If you met the corner.

    Sanya-Sun, blue sky, blue sea .... Everything is so young here is full of vitality. Attracts a couple here and a couple of newcomers to leave a life of no regrets vows. Of the sea is blue, underwater fish swim freely to and fro. Soft sandy beaches you have the desire to play with sand. Unique diving wedding, but can let you and fish company, took the most unique wedding photos. Conch, sea cucumbers, sea urchins, submarine ground color of corals, having blue luminescence lines of unknown small fish are all around you, and absolutely amazing wedding journey.

     Lijiang-the second mountain, a city, a Lake, a river, a culture, a style. Lijiang beautiful talk or finish, as if a married bride,  the groom is waiting for good flavor. Come to Lijiang belongs to you make unforgettable theme, you are all tourists in Lijiang, carrying bag his passion and sunshine, you dream of innocence and kindness. Meet you at the corner of streets, hills, River ... Each vision collision is undercurrents of emotion, feeling that I had you walk tour, but stay for each other.

new offsite wedding also do not forget about a few points:

1. Select a remote Studio to book in advance to avoid the destination is still a mess.

2. Offsite Studio package-price to be previously agreed upon, and on false eyelashes, false nails, to agree on how to pay fees and charges, consumers should avoid the consumer trap.

3. When taking photos, to support the work of local scenic spots, shoot or are not allowed to enter the area, do not venture into.

4. After their wedding photos, pay attention to environmental protection, opened the bag, used cosmetics to pack into the designated location, take care not to damage the natural vegetation in the filming process.

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