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Strawberry fruit salad

     wash the strawberries, Apple slices, cut the banana into small pieces and mix with yogurt, add a little honey. Strawberry and China studios of Apple which contain a lot of pectin, you can clean the intestines; banana laxative, treating constipation has a supporting role; honey and yogurt was Detox to share.

mint tea rose Jasmine

roses, jasmine and Mint together in a wedding photo studio teapot with boiling water 3-5 minutes. Roses can be blood and Qi, soothing the liver, relieving depression; Jasmine able to pass water, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying; Mint is refreshing and relieving fatigue.

lemon bath

the whole lemons use a mixer a mud, then wrap with gauze tie, soaking in a bubble bath in the water. Lemon apart from deep within the pores of the skin, eliminate toxins and junk outside also has whitening bactericidal effect, a two-pronged approach.


spare me half an hour a day to run, try to maintain a consistent speed in running, breathing evenly. Jogging can accelerate blood circulation and promote metabolism, also can excrete toxins through sweat. In the process of running, the pituitary gland produces a chemical called β-endorphin de, can make you feel good and energetic.

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