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Marriage before the crisis early warning signals

The warning signs before the marriage crisis

in your life, before the crisis, often there will be some warning signs appear, if the following signs in your marriage, you have to pay attention to your marriage Luo!

  1, suddenly rekindled passion.

his eyes glistening with warm brilliance of the exception, is when you are in love. You'll also find husbands from time lost in fantasy, but totally ignores your reaction in our lives. That passion is not for you.

2, make fun of the past.

it was often said with a self-deprecating: "I fell into the trap set by her/his. "Or" he/she kept chasing me, had married/married. "This is sometimes unhappy with the marriage.

3, often come home late.

late always has beautiful grounds. If he want to go out, then canceled the contract, but the blink of an eye and go, this is flawed.

4, changes in attitudes towards third parties.

he sniffed at the third party before, has now given way to a good friend's affair, and this change should not be underestimated.

5, somehow good for you.

help you buy your clothing, take the initiative to do the housework, even sudden enthusiasm for the friends and family, and may be the remedy element of psychology.

6, no longer holding hands.

relationships while still fresh, exciting, a lover's touch so frequently. But for most couples, casual intimacy will gradually reduce and finally disappeared. They are no longer holding hands, even as a "thank you" so politely, then do not bother to say that.

7, split asunder.

every day busy work and care for their children, also to take up hobbies, social activities, so that they are no longer putting relationships first.

8, do not understand each other's joys and sorrows.

This means that you cannot realize that partners were worried about what was a potential bomb in a marriage.

9, always think the worst.

trust is the umbrella of marriage. If we can not enjoy the pleasure of mutual trust, that marriage is impossible.

10, silent.

excessive silence can lead to cold and large distances. Heart of discontent shown, help to eliminate differences and find a way to solve the problem.

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