Married life

Need both to reflect on the type of marriage

Need both to reflect on the type of marriage

sad marriage of hypochondria

this occurs more commonly in women, they often doubt their own illness, complained and sighed, it actually is would like to take this spouse's attention and concern, the results are often self-defeating, worry about mate.

"always right" type of marital

spouses too fussy, always criticize the spouse of any behaviour and thought in front of others, and love each other, the result is to make the other side can't stand. This will cause each other go.

caring great marriage

leave all else, occasionally not, fuse of the friction will become conflicts. Spousal care and solicitude, so for a long time, if the other side did not make a return, they will feel mental imbalance, feelings come apart very easily.

busy with "career" marriages

some people will never stop, always on the go, they have no holidays, no breaks, one spouse will feel left out. If people do not control their own and spend more time with your spouse, even for the cause, can also lead to the breakdown of their marriage.


pursuit of romantic love, have high requirements for marriage, expect sweetness and harmony of marriage hold forever, love colorful, warm must endure failure. Such unrealistic expectations once in real life are not achieved, friction occurs on both sides, can lead to serious marital problems.

relying too much on parents marriage

couples who rely too much on parents, when any problems occur when a marriage, not with their spouse about how to cope with the bear, but to seek support or direction from their parents.   Married couple should understand that their future is bound together with their spouses, to each other as the most trusted and closest person. Otherwise, such a marriage would "seek outside interference" and lead to failure.

perfect marriage

asked about everything perfect, both require spouses to reach our highest standards. Such marriages because of excessive and unnecessary friction, over time, is a good marriage relationship will be difficult to maintain.

"Thrifty" over marriage

even the current domestic economic conditions, and was always worried about not Sunday, excessively thrifty, not allowed to mate in life, have more fun and enjoy and even deprived of some of the basic needs of life for themselves and their families and fun from the bear worries too much and not knowing how to spouses psychologically emotional life.

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