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Psychological factor analysis of white collar hidden marriage

Implicit to married couples who, in Exchange for free space and fair chance, boss of all ages, and more professional development. This assertion in the eyes of sociologist, also contributed to the career people helpless hidden marriage of social causes. Hu shoujun, a sociology professor at Fudan University, said: "in a social environment, still present in the workplace, there is a discrimination against married, in particular a gender bias against female workers. And in the small enterprise environment, provide for their employees not to fall in love, and married staff often alienated colleagues by other singles, over time being pushed into the Office's social circle. These hidden rules in the workplace today may induce some people choose hidden marriage. "

     whether it is fear of the employer discriminates against married people do not have access to development and reuse, or fear is married and out of the company's social circle, these two reasons for different purposes, but are feeling the hidden marriage from the company and pressure from members and self-protective behaviors exhibited by. Shen Yong, a Professor of Shanghai Normal University, clinical psychology strongly reading some hidden marriage mentality.

     hidden marriage just a few people a psychological tendency to panic about marriage with them is not necessarily linked. "Relationship expert, says Ms Xu Anqi of the Shanghai famous, but she's not some concerns, soaring divorce rates, instability of the fragile relationship, adding to the uncertainty about the marriage, will inevitably lead to some negative influence. Therefore, experts advise, when women in the workplace because of the work you need to select "hidden marriage", be sure to tell her husband, coordination, on the premise that does not affect the family. But because of "hidden marriage" is not the norm, women must grasp a sense of propriety, otherwise people will have a negative impact.

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