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Smile your marital status

&Nbsp;     new study shows, with family photos than a frown, smile the brightest children more than three times greater chance of a successful marriage.

according to the study, scientists, only 5 years old when the child goes out to play with his family pictures taken can also get a glimpse of this future trend.

researchers asked nearly 650 adults for a graduation picture taken that year, rate and depth of their smiles.

Indiana's DePauw University scientists have asked the ages of 21 and divorced respondents between the age of 87, then compared their answers with smiles.

the researchers said: "from his subject's degree of smile can predict whether they'll divorce at some stage of life. Smile more shallow people, more likely to divorce in the future. " 

published the journal motivation and emotion of the survey results showed that people who smile the least chance of divorce is another's more than three times.

another confirms the above conclusions, the survey also pictures taken only 5 year old child were studied.

researchers believe that, the happier the more people will find ways to overcome difficulties in relationships and marriages.

researchers also believe that happy people may be looking for "sunshine" partner.

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