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More temptations live with wild man on the bed

In traditional Chinese education, to teach women always want to be a lady, to be a good woman, good husband, mother-in-law, and to obey or do   Lady   or   girl  , both ladies style. This idea influenced generations of Chinese women and Chinese women in Europe and the United States to become the front-runner in the marriage.

my sassy girl, my wife is a gangster film such as the hit, girlfriend, vividly portrayed the image of violence, also affects the man's spouse. Many men who, in the face of great social pressure, had to bow their heads. They no longer look down on Gold Digger women, because they compromise to make a soft rice boys, if conditions arise, so why not?

in marriage, as ladies and men are no longer blindly select partner, marriage is creeping up on a rule: the more difficult the more ladies to marry. Men need a "bad" woman, especially a bad woman in the bed, the wild woman!

that men favor "bad woman", a lady in "witch girl" always fail. This time Lady, always in love "lost girl". Today, to discuss it.

Lady = block, anxiety

ladies pay attention we were little, when standing, body steady, not rock. State such as pine, in all seriousness. That said, her anxiety about love has closed. As a locked herself into the Chamber of the people, are eager to door, while fear of unrest outside.

Furthermore, Lady elegant sitting sit, low head micro not up his legs, legs tight together side by side together, keep the faint smile. This says she treats the love issue, nerves are sensitive.

sometimes, in man's subliminal, judging is due to the crossing by a woman she is not accessible, women who raised his legs, more easily express the true temperament, always the legs of a woman is sacred and inviolable, and her feelings rigorous excessive manner, often scratching of the opposite sex.

in my conversations with her, as long as when it comes to "sex" mean, right now, she would feel insulted by. Lady than pretty women pay more attention to the purity and integrity of the body, men, and ladies love can't come into the topic, ladies do not like sex before marriage from the bottom.

in General, men are thinking animals with your penis, they are more inclined to sex before marriage, and therefore face a treat sex so isolated Lady man usually kept at a distance, still dare to marry you?

woman is not bad, the man does not love

often heard men say "not a bad man, woman does not love", in fact this sentence on the woman, too.

many women still uphold the views of our ancestors, considered men women inside, women's main task is to husband and son at home, let a man go out and fight. As a result, women acted as a babysitter, laundry facilities and other roles, all the household chores at home without a man hand in copies of the men returned home tilt Erlang legs just waiting for dinner, as long as the family turned in on time every month, had nothing to worry about. However, women have about men so well, men appreciate it?

man good woman in love sometimes is a loser, but those vain, scheming, ill, keep petty, woman who severely wounded men at every turn, seems to be able to capture a man's heart for a long time. Why?

because they make men cry, let men conquer the desire for and not. Another woman is not willing to give up man cry, will have to cry. The memory man the best that a woman's place, fate more miserable to be missed more deeply, so hear are chilling, you don't hit.

light on man is useless, it is important that he loves you, first to you, you then good for him. If love is not love, that was our frustration, unwilling or unable to retain. If there never was a true love, is that we lose, it's no use against. Therefore, women must learn how to be a wicked woman, learn to inspire men to conquer hearts.

wild in bed, full of charm

always heard a lot of people say that men think in the lower part of the animal attaches paramount importance to men for sex, they can't love sexless marriages and relationships. However, men like you do in bed? Perhaps few people to explore.

during sex, women have too much anxiety. Their desire for orgasms, wanted her husband cope with themselves, but also due to face problems, lest say misunderstood men, so we can only say nothing about from what men do, wronged himself. They are worried about their wild, sex toys and sexy lingerie makes her husband questioning, it can only be done on a bed of Lady, obedient. However, this is not what men want!

men like women, they will use their charm on the bed, the wild, bad, can offer to their own desires and requirements, and know how to cope with her husband; their deep knowledge of sex tips and sex knowledge, will use a variety of body position, allow yourself to experience the pleasure but also allow men to death, begging for more. This wild woman, most men want!

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