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Never has the following time for love

&Nbsp;    , do not have sex during menstruation

the woman during menstruation, the cervix is open, very susceptible to sexual intercourse, causing inflammation of the uterus or accessories.

Second, don't drink and have sex

some people get used to drinking and sex, and some may even consider having sex after drinking "improve quality". In fact, especially after drinking a lot of drinking strong drink, but can lead to man penis erections or premature ejaculation hinder harmonious sexual life and drinking and pregnancy would endanger the fetus.

third, do not wash

have sex in the environment of dirt, clutter, can affect both mental state, interference to succeed in life; if the organ is not health, will also pose a threat to each other's health, bacteria and other pathogens into each other's bodies to the detriment of each other's health. Instead, clean, pleasant environment and cleaning the lower body before sex, is good for the health of both, also contribute to the harmonious and happy sex life.

four, don't have sex with illness

suffering from some serious organic diseases, and doctors are advised to not having sex, not just having sex; suffered from tuberculosis and contagious should avoid sexual intercourse; in particular suffer from a sexually transmitted disease, they should not have sex. In spite of having sex, not only their victims, but also to loved ones, should be avoided.

five, to refrain from sexual intercourse fatigue

sex takes a certain amount of stamina and energy, mental or physical when you're having sex often do not reach orgasm, not receiving a mutually satisfactory results. Have sex immediately after especially hard, cause damage to health.

six, don't be unhappy force engaged in

some couples barely have sex in the party mood, not only don't get the sex life of harmony, also revolted in bad moods. If repeated, will result in the woman's frigidity or impotence of men.

seven, not patriarchal thinking part

sex, men do whatever they want, do not listen to or do not respect the woman's self-esteem, not only undermine marriage, would also make the women develop aversion, resulting in frigidity, thereby causing a couple relation rupture.

eight, do not prepare adequately, haste

some people do not understand female physiology special points, not ready to work in a hurry to have sex, or because of haste, hurry, caolvshoubing. These practices can make the woman reach orgasm, not interested in sex, but painful, is the main reason female frigidity.

sexual intercourse, not satiety or hunger

due to full fill and gastrointestinal hyperemia, inadequate blood supply in the brain and other organs of the body, it is not appropriate just to have sex after dinner; on the contrary, starving, people's physical decline, not full of energy, have sex, often is not easy to achieve the satisfactory results.

ten, not mental strain or shy

see more newly-weds. Because of the extreme mental stress or too shy, cause premature ejaculation of the male or female pain during sexual intercourse, affect sexual pleasure. To try to stay relaxed and happy mood, the woman do not need to feel shy, calm and generous, proactive in close collaboration with her husband, will live in harmony, meaning, contentment.

11, do not bath posterior Chamber intraocular lens implantation

have sex immediately after a bath, make smooth blood circulation disorders, health problems.

12, not immediate postpartum sex

If sex after giving birth prematurely, it is easy to cause subinvolution of uterus and uterine bleeding.

13, do not "just before dawn"

"five color" refers to having sex before dawn. Because both sides are not resting, make the body out of balance, reduced immunity also due to fatigue and interfere with work and learning efficiency.

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