Married life

Living with elderly unmarried people think about marriage

Also no married of people Dang married zhihou faced with of a problem is: whether and parents this Shang a generation of people cohabitation, small series in here wants to said of is, with different home just see personal of select just, some elderly love quiet, with young live instead think noisy, also robs they of avant-garde for sent; some elderly love lively, like a size round round round of. No matter how they are selected, we Juniors should happily accepts, as long as they enjoy it better.


        Xiao-Wen: a willingness to live with. My mom said: man's son hurt his parents is as it should be, or do you want to find a man without honor do her husband do? As long as you treat her well, they will naturally for you. If the boyfriend wants me and living with his parents in the future, I would be happy to say Yes.


       shenghua: I didn't want to. My boyfriend's mother has been contradictory, living together she will pick and choose, I can't stand it. Besides, young and old routine is not the same, and lived together there will be effects, there will be a lot of conflicts, always there is a generation gap between the two generations, between my mother and I both have, not to say with her mother-in-law. Husband will be difficult in life. This problem should be communicated before getting married.


       Gui Fei: first try. And her husband talked about before marriage, and her mother-in-law to live for some time, say, two or three months to see how to get along with, we'll talk about what later. Also, mother-in-law to make her husband before and she said, what she the boss, what happens, no matter what. For example, can't think wives should listen to his son, son in charge of his wife is as it should be; quarrel if his son and daughter-in-law, mother-in-law should not mix; young people sleep late at night, and has the habit of sleeping late on weekends, she can't hate. Clear truth, living with a lot less trouble.


        eyes: very difficult. Every time you talk to my boyfriend about this topic, he ducks. My parents have said not to live with us, boyfriend's mother has already hinted at and live with us. After I got married and live with her mother-in-law, will certainly have problems, because I've seen people divorce, I do not know how to handle it.


       Dang Li: the reluctant   said before the marriage is to understand   can live near   and down the stairs even   but must live separately from   even if the other person living in a big house   you can rent a small house

main friends   live   friends are embarrassed to play   at home   a   and stayed with his parents for a   how lonely it is my parents.


       Xia Ou: I am selfish ~ ~ hope that old and different, even in a plot line ~~ watch TV, it about married life was a bit scared. Want to be a good wife, and wish I could be like her husband has the sweetness of two world. In an age of increasingly personalized ~~ all this is a unknown option ...

parents living separately from their children, but not too far. "This result reflects the modern city's own awareness and enhanced their sense of independence, but also reflects a sensible pursuit for a better family, small thinks so, and the Shanghai Academy of social sciences, Center for research on women investigated, results and small ideas that did not do the same.

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