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Brides married to master before the marriage quality

Brides married to master before the marriage quality

under the modern women married before, you must first learn the following about the marriage of quality and adapted to such a trend, what kind of love in modern love, the quality sufficient to enable us to cope with, and freely? 591 marriage information is set out below.

1. believe in love, but not blind faith in love

believe true love exists, but it is unrealistic to expect it will exceed all. Love may vary with time, its demise does not necessarily mean betrayal, which is most likely a natural decline. So understanding about love, love can makes us not superstitious, it is not vulnerable and desperate.

2. can can

inputs can be selfless, results appear the rational stand out, regardless of whether the result is the beginning of a marriage is the end of love, so as to grasp the initiative of love, not lost in the feelings. The so-called "shots when the shot, when to let go let it go

3. active and open attitude

sit back and wait for love, will miss a lot of opportunities, modern rules is to grasp the opportunity, active pursuit, and contempt for the pursuit of those people we can ignore him.

closing is stupid, enclosing love is in vain, as long as the build up confidence, openness, our love, rather than a funeral song.

4. have the ability to love

paying capacity, understanding, tolerance and self's ability to bear. Don't expect love to share everything for us, a lot of things we still need to go it alone. Give more useful than to receive the love, make me happy; tolerance has unexpected effects on love, in demand, when accused, pleaded not to the purpose, tolerance may be able to work.

5. There is a bit of resilience

enjoy the intimacy of love and accept love's alienation, loose and tight to long to master. Have time to treasure, lost quickly turn, having to perpetually mourning the past, believes the new love is in the front.

6. understand the psychology of love

status of available and unavailable, feeling most vulnerable to warming, can be strengthened by this atmosphere of love; manufacturing snags, will make love in high spirits; he encountered setbacks, most in need of comfort always love fresh patterns required. And so on, and so on, well, forming benign mutual stimulation.

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