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Home brides some tips

1, choose a cleanser cleansing effect, exhausted body to sleep early

as sisters of the women at home, busy at home one day, really did not have the strength to step by step makeup. At this point, a bottle of cleanser cleansing effect is very intimate, simplify the complicated steps, let the Sisters "sleep more easily". In addition, don't have to worry about this kind of cleansing products Remover is not complete, just dip it in makeup sponge attached to the more difficult parts to remover for about two minutes, then wash thoroughly removing makeup.  

2, anti-aging products to carry, after lunch, strengthen skin against aging.

at present, the Antiaging focused most of the sisters in the morning, and at noon, from 12 o'clock to 3 o'clock in the afternoon, women's hormones and blood pressure will reduce skin antioxidant capacity dropped significantly, oxygen demand increased sharply. Easy to carry anti-aging products, of course, will be extended to youth play a vital role. Also, during this time coating containing antioxidant ingredients in sunscreen can meet Sun and antioxidant effect of win-win, Oh, in addition, the talkative one: long in the air conditioning room, a bottle of moisturizing spray is very essential.

3, all free, for facial skin lifting massage  

great work pressure most likely to cause mild skin relaxation, fine lines occurred. Against this situation, not only to using light anti-aging products tight to skin, also to caught each a can using of Windows son for skin do tight to relief pressure massage, like we daily, Elevator of Windows son, can with hands clockwise spiral-like from Chin began to temple massage, short of 1 minutes Hou you will found because skin became tight to, face are seems to small has first,.

music 4, essential oil bath, from the source to prevent emotional spots  

as sisters of the women at home, it's easy to come across something give rise to negative emotions, but also emotional spots "headed out." So if there are no baths can soak in a bath of essential oil, lavender essential oil can also be added to the milk bath and relax at the same time you can also moisturize the skin, combined with some relaxing music, were all washed away by negative emotions, emotional spots and inorganic.

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