Married life

Marriage requires falling in love

Marriage requires falling in love

1, love before marriage "zero intelligence" married love "fool".

women are often disenchanted with love, in love a few for "zero", but after marriage, cannot continue to "mentally handicapped" Oh, HA HA. Don't expect a birthday or anniversary again received a gift from him, don't expect him to come up with all sorts of romantic tips to please you, please you, don't expect him to you as a "Princess" spoil, when "Goddess", Studio forums don't expect him to you as a curious book in my hands carefully read.

2, love before marriage "zero distance" married love "at arm's length".

love when two people stuck like glue, throws, a second rather than separate, it is each other's shadow. Love is the most amazing commitment: we stay together! However, after getting married, the day, big eye stares, what can you see in the mood? Stone, knew each other, novelty and mystery are gradually disappeared.

3, premarital love "zero defects" married love "blind".

the beholder, when love, the other side is perfect, even marry her net freckled nose on both sides, feel beautiful as Lily petals scattered bits. But married Hou, that race with Rob with holding with coax with non-to married hand of "Snow Princess", after thousands of a moon of hard honed, into has "chaff", and "tofu slag", and "yellow face Po"; that cry with shouted with greasy with twist with non-married not of "Prince charming", after thousands of a moon of layer Layer exploits, into has practices difficult modified bingxingnanyi of "thorn in", and "thorn in the".

4, love before marriage "talk talk", love after marriage but also to be "on".

love of two people always say about, McCain apart ramble sea, storm the Studio lightning talk forum, from childhood memories when it comes to youth, from sports stars when it comes to television presenter, from career planning when it comes to the world, from the Sangu said six pig dog friends, I love you say marry me. After their marriage, where there are so many topics? Have touched each other's bottom line, I really do not have what to say! Even if there were new, pillow and is no longer willing to share. After marriage, how "about" the love?

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