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Happy couple 8 "marriage formula"

, Close the formula: coordination and thoughtful

I met 100 couples, the vast majority are met immediately after becoming intimate. They felt that there is an irresistible passion, want to combine together and share life.

this intimate relationship includes a coordinated and good friendship, based on the consistency of warm, also based on each other's different. A wife puts an interesting perspective, she said: "a happy marriage from two personalities, and basic information on the same person. "Her husband was a naturally optimistic person, she is an introvert pessimistic people. However, their common origin and religious beliefs, she fell in love with his spirit, and he fell in love with her delicate.

Second, sharing formula: vision and goals

make breakfast for a spouse, the other to walk the dogs, after breakfast, the couple read the morning paper, stable couples almost all relations are like that. These chores itself did not cause happiness, but it injected confidence into the marriage and responsibility.

the happy couple are trying to make their own change. They work together to enable them to purchase a farm, or a shop. No matter what their goal is, concerted efforts can make in order to achieve the ideal marriage full of glory.

third, understanding the formula: protocols and wishes

love lasting couples rarely argue, even angry because of conflict between them, also would get the right treatment. Of course, they have different methods to solve the problem. Some couples have conflicts are always resolved on the same day, let it stay calm again, some shouting, some silence, there are a couple came up with a way to avoid quarrels, if one side said annoying things, the other side would have cried: "train wreck! ”

partner dig at each other, this is common, but it has an adverse effect. More encouraging, the effect will be much better.

sometimes, even though they try hard, but there is a big fight when one or the other would leave the room. The wife says, "if I go out, but will be back in 5 minutes, I. We don't even have to say ' excuse me ', because we are very happy, both of them to come together. "The couple's way of avoiding further argument, dropped out of the Party reminded them of the agreement of the other party, remembered their good wishes to the marriage.

four, nourishing formula: hope and expectation

If the spouse is to focus in on each other's strengths, and their marriage will be nourished, this does not mean that both sides have to be optimists, and they may also be pessimistic, anxious, melancholy character person.

optimistic realism is one of the characteristics of marriage. Mature love means that we have to accept the reality that we all have weaknesses. Being a realist means marriage bittersweet music, good times have a difficult time rather than nag than face.

positive expectations can play a huge role. Advantages of those most adept at finding a mate who best relations, expectations for spouses is also the best. When we love someone, our eyes will see the best of his or her self.

five, changing formulas: faith and belief

many happily married couples know how to change themselves, they say more after they got married, they felt better, and their spouses agree on this point. Unexpected is that many happy couples have experienced marital crises, but their marriage has survived and, increasingly, happy.

in order to love to give up something, but no one has asked to give up personal development, the key is to estimate changes in scope. Side change could shake the status quo of relationship for the time being, in fact, it has encouraged the other role.

believe that your spouse will change his (her) some of the gaps, help to maintain the relationship. In fact, people do change. Should believe that people could not have been changed, and the love of a good marriage can help people get better.

six, understood the formula: sincere and Frank

couples need to keep strong and vigorous, defect-free, pure sex.

love mood is established on the basis of sex--no matter how much conflict between you frequent and how strongly, however, love relations, while married, realize that you value things--his humor, optimism, and she encourages you and considerate.

on most couple for, on spouse keep loyalty and cannot makes marriage happiness, but it is can makes marriage became may, is apparently, loyalty is couples between of most basic requirements, thus makes you on partner of need can keep consistent, more makes you frank and he talk, not only has help makes he on out feel, also will makes he was you understanding he (she).

seven and equal formula: domination and equality

couples arrived at the age of forty or fifty, they will not be who wears the dispute, even if they have been disputed. Although there will be contradictions, but not for power and status, and in their minds, no matter what they do, their effort is considered to be important. When you start thinking more and when you care about your relationship, you will get more return from each other.

happy couple most clearly the equality of financial management. Without exception, every happy couple say, family income is shared, neither he nor she, they never for financial dominance is disputed.

eight friends formula: the pursuit of and respect

love happy marriage spouse as the most intimate friends, but if their relationship is sometimes not enough to trust each other enough, when mild, then it should be formally arranged things to do. Positive spouse arrangements have a positive effect.

in these marriage love and lasting "friends", the wife can be completely free to pursue his dream, she knew her husband was unconditional love and respect, regardless of whether he understood her decision. Instead, her husband's decision.

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